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About ITECplace

Over the last two decades the South Korean Government has aggressively pioneered in establishing a local R&D   telecommunication and IT technology expertise. As a result Korea  today ranks amongst  the world’s  top ICT countries and its Chaebols (large family controlled corporations) are globally recognised entities for manufacturing and exporting high-technology goods.


With these surroundings in place, a new generation of hi-tech SME’s emerged introducing highly innovative consumer products and solutions. They largely succeeded in differentiating their offering from China but challenges remain in accessing overseas markets.

We at ITECplace see ourselves as a partner for sales organisations in the sustainable sourcing of  innovative products. Our focus are products and solutions that improve human well-being  in health, social and ecological aspects.  


ITECplace is a division of ITEC Technologies Ltd, Korea,  a certified ISO9001 marketer, importer/exporter, as well as service provider to the ICT segment for over 10 years.

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