Brack Order Button

Introduction :

     - Select frequently consumed goods at online shop

     - Register them on BOB’s each four buttons

     - When goods consumed, press button to repurchase, check, and receive

     - Registered goods manageable through App


Collaboration :

     - Request from Brack, Switzerland

     - ITECPlace Korea developed and delivered BOB


Specification :

    - BOB Size:    57 x 43 x 15 mm, 104 g

    - Four Buttons:  Each configurable to order different goods

    - Monitoring:  Install, Purchase state monitored by RGB-LEDs on corner

    - Battery:   Recharged by 5-Pin USB port on right, 500 times usable when fully charged


Press Today - Look forward to Tomorrow

     Order your daily needs just by pressing a button

     No need to log into the online shop or work to the shop.

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